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Trash Pandas Podcast Network

Sep 27, 2023


Today Ricky and Tony Mac open the show with the fan responses for the question posed at the end of Monday's show, who is on your Mt. Rushmore of Rocket City Trash Pandas.  After that, the boys get into who might be the most obscure Trash Pandas player of all time before going into some of the past week's...

Sep 25, 2023


The 2023 Rocket City Trash Pandas season and the boys' hiatus from the microphones are both complete!  Today, Ricky and Tony Mac are back and get into the swing of things by tackling a fan question to sent to them over the weekend...

"Who is on your all-time Trash Pandas Mt. Rushmore???"

The Bullpen streams...

Sep 19, 2023


Skipper Andy Schatzley joins Josh to recap the 2023 Trash Pandas Season.


Josh Caray's baseball roots stretch from Atlanta to St. Louis to Chicago to Cooperstown. The grandson of Hall of Famer Harry Caray, son of the legendary Skip Caray, and half-brother Chip Caray is the TV voice of the...