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Trash Pandas Podcast Network

Dec 29, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss a development in the life of rookie year father, Tony Mac, he continues to illustrate his "dadness" by unleashing irrational anger at his co-host over Cheez-Its, and Ricky as a response develops an idea for a bi-monthly newsletter for dads based on the fatherly traits developed by Tony Mac.  They talk sports too, like the Junior Varsity Tennessee Titans playing tonight against the Dallas Cowboys, bowl games, and play an NFL trivia game.

Watch the show streaming live on the Trash Pandas YouTube page at 2pm CST every Mon, Wed, Fri.


Ricky Fernandez is the on-field host of Trash Pandas games at Toyota Field and the club's Promotions Manager. Antonio "Tony Mac" MacBeath is the PA announcer and one of the club's Account Executives.  Their multi-faceted personalities can be seen across Trash Pandas digital channels and quickly developed into face of Baseball's Most Meteoric Franchise. "The Bullpen" will stream live every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 2pm CST on the Trash Pandas' YouTube page. "The Bullpen" will talk about everything Trash Pandas, the world of sports, and whats going on in everyday life.  With a quick wit, and flare for the funny, Ricky and Tony Mac bring their energy to the Trash Pandas Podcast Network.


Join the personalities of the Rocket City Trash Pandas as they tell the stories from Baseball's most meteoric franchise. Play-by-Play Broadcaster Josh Caray presents conversations with prospects and personnel from the organization. In-Stadium Emcee Ricky Fernandez and PA announcer Antonio MacBeath chat about the latest news in the world of sports.