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Trash Pandas Podcast Network

Mar 3, 2023


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss Spring Training and the effect the new rules are having on games, Trash Pandas currently on the Angels Spring Training roster, Chipper Jones Minor League stories, the NFL Draft combine, and about 15 times where the conversation derails into a completely difference...

Feb 27, 2023


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss some of the not so new changes for the Minor Leagues that are finally making their way to the bigs.  This includes the pitch clock, shift ban, and enlarged bases.  These rules are new to the Majors but not to Ricky and Tony Mac as they discuss what they have experienced...

Feb 1, 2023


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss the retirement of Tom Brady, whether they believe it or not, current quarterbacks who they believe will end their career with a Super Bowl, Tony Mac rants about some another nonsensical issue that is "driving him crazy", and go over some new ways to say old phrases

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Dec 9, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss whether Tony Mac wears a "dad jacket", the comeback by Baker Mayfield on TNF, his future for the Rams, the heisman trophy and how the QBs look for the 2023 draft, and live watch the thrilling end to the Argentina/Netherlands game.

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Feb 11, 2022

THIS EPISODE Ricky talks about the upcoming 2022 Trash Pandas season, Opening Day, which type of pizza is the best, Super Bowl 56 and more! 


Ricky Fernandez is the on-field host of Trash Pandas games at Toyota Field and the club's Promotions Manager. The multi-faceted personality can be seen across...