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Trash Pandas Podcast Network

Dec 29, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss a development in the life of rookie year father, Tony Mac, he continues to illustrate his "dadness" by unleashing irrational anger at his co-host over Cheez-Its, and Ricky as a response develops an idea for a bi-monthly newsletter for dads based on the fatherly...

Dec 21, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss the World Cup parade and what it would take in America to get a parade as a large as the 5 million in attendance in Argentina's, the NFL MVP race and Ricky's convoluted reasoning for how Tua can still win it, the passing of Franco Harris, and they close out the show with...

Dec 19, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac answer some listener questions, ask what the Patriots were doing at the end of their game against the Raiders, discuss the news that Alabama will not have any players opt out of the Sugar Bowl and more.

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Dec 16, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac start the show by discussing the new rule for athletes playing in bowl games and first year college coaches before taking a wild left turn and arguing over Tony Mac's irrational fear of the lowercase version of the letter "q" and common etiquette while flying on a plane.

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Dec 15, 2022


Josh catches up with Trash Pandas outfielder Bryce Teodosio to discuss his 2022 season in the Rocket City and his experience in the Arizona Fall League.


Josh Caray's baseball roots stretch from Atlanta to St. Louis to Chicago to Cooperstown. The grandson of Hall of Famer Harry Caray, son of...