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Trash Pandas Podcast Network

Dec 7, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss Ricky's trip to Las Vegas and the celebrity coach he ran into along the way, the Heisman Trophy, the final CFP matchups, the "Breaking News' about Aaron Judge, the arrival of Deion Sanders in Colorado and whether Steve Martin could of played two roles of Jim Carrey's that he...

Dec 6, 2022


Former 2nd Round Draft Choice Kyren Paris joins Josh to talk about his recent experience in the Arizona Fall League, what it was like to play for the Trash Pandas at Toyota Field, plus much more!


Josh Caray's baseball roots stretch from Atlanta to St. Louis to Chicago to Cooperstown. The...

Nov 30, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss it all, including planet Earth's best soccer team aka the USA, they speak to the star of the team Christian Pulisic... kinda, go over the latest College Football Playoff rankings, a familiar face heading to UAB, and end the show with information on how you can meet Trash...

Nov 28, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac are back from the Thanksgiving holiday to discuss the past week in sports, including the USA's chances in the World Cup, the eventful week in college football, the erratic play-by-play of the legendary Bill Walton, the Auburn head coaching position, and we finish the show with a new...

Nov 18, 2022


Today Ricky and Tony Mac discuss the World Cup from the point of view of a couple of schmucks.  Social Media manager and soccer fan Lucas Dolengowski joins the show as the guys rate their favorite and least favorite World Cup uniforms (kits as the soccer people call them), the controvercy in Qatar, and the...